Young Leader Registration Form

This form is used to register Explorer Scouts or DofE participants who are carrying out a Young Leader role within a Scout Group.


It is a requirement that Young Leaders are registered with the current Young Leader Unit or the District Explorer Scout Commissioner. This is to ensure that we can track every Young Leaders training progress and to be aware of which Scout Groups and sections they are volunteering in.

If the Young Leader is completing a fixed-period placement for an award from an external organisation or DofE Authority, they must register with the Young Leader Unit and the Group Scout Leader must agree to the placement. Past this time period, should they wish to continue – the Young Leader must wear the Explorer Scout uniform and the Scout Group or District Necker, as well as update the Young Leader Unit of the change.

All Young Leaders must aim to complete Module A training within 6 months of registering, and the full Young Leader Training within 3 years of registration.

Finally, if a Young Leader was a member of a Scout Troop in the last 6 months, they must volunteer in either the Cubs or Beaver section – or a Scout Troop in another Scout Group. This is to avoid conflicts or familiar relationships with younger members in a role of responsibility.

If you have any questions, please email: [email protected]

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