District Expenses Policy

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The scope of this policy covers the payment for items from personal means for legitimate Scouting activities undertaken by or on behalf of Reading Central District Scout Council. This includes activities where reimbursement is from a section bank account e.g. Cubs, Scouts, Three Towers Hike.


General Principles

  • Expenses incurred wholly, exclusively and necessarily on Scouting business which have been pre-authorised by the Executive will be reimbursed
  • Expenses which have not been pre-authorised may not be paid
  • Wherever possible, payments should be made from a District bank account. Payment should be made from personal accounts only when unavoidable
  • Expenses should be submitted together with supporting receipts wherever possible. Expenses without receipts may not be paid.
  • Expenses should generally be claimed as soon as possible and before the end of the financial year to which they apply (Year end is 31 March)
  • Individuals who expect to incur expenses during the year may request pre-authorisation from the Executive up to an agreed level. This would apply to items such as administrative expenses. Normal procedure still needs to be followed in making a claim.
  • Expense claims should be submitted using a standard form (see attached)
  • Though not part of this policy, all events organised on behalf of the District where the gross expenditure is likely to exceed £250 (including payments from personal accounts) should have a budget authorised by the Executive


Types of Allowable Expense

In general, any expenses which satisfy the general principles above will be reimbursed (the actual cost incurred). However, to remove any doubt and to identify exactly what is wholly, exclusively and necessarily on Scouting business, the following types of expenditure will be allowed.


Expenses Type Claim Allowed

Own vehicle expenses



Mileage may be claimed, detailing the journeys undertaken, at a rate of 45p per mile. No other claim will be accepted e.g. broken windscreens, punctures, thefts, fines.

The driver is responsible for ensuring the vehicle has adequate insurance for the journey to be undertaken


Telephone calls

The cost of calls may be claimed, supported by the relevant itemised bills


In all other cases, the decision of the Executive will be final.


Agreed and Authorised by:

Reading Central District Scout Council

12 November 2015

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