Adult Training Scheme


Scouting exists to offer fantastic opportunities to young people, which will help them build skills for life.

For young people to enjoy fantastic Scouting we need great leaders who feel capable, competent and confident about their role. The purpose of Adult Training is to help leaders to gain and develop the skills and knowledge that will make leadership easier, more enjoyable and successful.


The principle of Adult Training

Every adult role in Scouting requires particular skills, knowledge and understanding and the ability to use them in practice. Training, in its widest sense, seeks to identify what skills, knowledge and understanding we already have, what we need to learn or develop for the role and then offers a range of learning opportunities to fill any gaps.

We ask that all leaders demonstrate their ability to use the appropriate skills, knowledge and understanding in their role – this process is known as validation.


What do I need to do?

The first thing to do when you take on a new Scouting role will be to complete an induction with an Induction Mentor who will be assigned to you by your line manager. The Induction Mentor is your buddy as you settle into your new role, ensuring you have a through understanding of who the key people are in your section, and to ensure you complete what we call the “Getting Started” part of your training.

As part of your Getting Started training, you will be asked to complete 3 online mandatory training courses:

They do not take long to do, roughly 45 minutes per course. Be sure to screenshot, print, or retain copies of the course certificate you will get at the end of each online course – and remember to hand these to your Induction Mentor who will pass then on to the training team directly.

Once you have completed the above, you will then be introduced to your assigned Training Advisor by the Local Training Manager. They will then ensure you are introduced to your Personal Learning Plan (PLP) and will continue to support you in completing your Wood Badge.


Wood Badge

The Wood Badge is an award made to all leaders that complete their training. It is made up of two wooden beads on a leather thong and leaders are, justifiably, proud to wear them with their uniforms. The Wood Badge signifies and celebrates the commitment that Adult volunteers make to Scouting, to their training and to delivering fantastic Scouting to young people.


Your training team is here to help you…

The District has a Local Training Manager and a team of Training Advisers to help support you through all aspects of your learning and development. Whilst you will be assigned a Training Advisor who will help you with your learning and development, you can also reach out to any member of the training team.

Local Training Manager Kris McCabe
Local Training Administrator – Reporting Martine Albrighton-Mills
Local Training Administrator – Training Advisor & Mentor Support  Vacant

To contact the team above, email: [email protected]


Do I have to sit any courses?

Whilst Berkshire Scouts and the wider association does provide courses to help your learning in aspects of your role, it is not entirely essential. Every learner is different, and it is important that your Training Advisor helps you agree a Personal Learning Plan (PLP) that puts you in control of your learning journey.

However, if your Training Advisor suggests you should go forward to complete a course – you will find all the courses on offer by clicking the button below.

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