Beaver Scouts (6-8 years)


What is Beaver Scouts?

Beaver Scouts is the youngest section of Scouting. Their activities are based around making things, outdoor activities, playing games, going out on visits, learning how to be safe and making new friends.

If you are a parent looking to get your child into Beavers the district can help you find a local Beaver Colony. Waiting Lists are high for Beavers so it is a good idea to get on the waiting list early.


The programme

Beaver Scouts learn to:

  • Play games
  • Explore outdoors
  • Listen to stories
  • Go on visits
  • Do creative activities
  • Cooking
  • Help others

When you do them you will get a badge which you can wear on your uniform.


Going outdoors

Some Beaver Scout Colonies also organise Sleepovers. These are often the first time a young person spends a night away from home. They take place in suitable buildings, often Scout centres under the care and supervision of experienced leaders.


Find out more

Scouting is about being with friends, as part of a team, participating fully in the adventure and opportunities of life.

If you are interested in joining or you would like to find out more, please use the contact form on this page to speak to the Assistant District Commissioner – Beaver Scouts.

Join the adventure

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